Visit Roda – Greece

Roda is quite a new beach resort is on the north coast of Corfu, 27 miles north-west of Corfu Town and the airport. It has two near neighbours Acharavi and Sidari. It is a ever growing modern resort found at the western end of an enormous bay and as a beautiful back-drop of mountains. Roda was once a fishing village and it does retain much Greek authenticity with narrow lanes and older buildings in the centre of the town. One must visit while staying in Roda is the Doric Temple of Apollo (5th c.).


Roda is popular with both families and couples who want bars, tavernas and other entertainment that are good value for money. Roda doesn’t have the liveliest nightlife a distinction held by Kavos in the south, but it does get pretty busy in mid season with lots of bars and restaurants, staying open late. There are also a few clubs which cater for teenagers. Roda can seem more British than Britain has many bars and tavernas are owned by English people serving English food, thou if you want authentic Greek cuisine you will find that has well. Families looking for a quiet package holiday will love it.

Roda has been planned to make good use of the beautiful landscape.

The beaches around Roda are very safe for swimming, the beach runs alongside between the beach and the main road for approx 4 km. The beach is easily accessible; a mix of sand and pebbles nearer the Acharavi end. Roda beach is a safer bet for children with a gentle shelving into the calm waters, a safe environment for the numerous watersports available. Add to that fishing and boating trips, bike rides, walking, (you will find a lot of the countryside is flat), there is also a good bus services to Acharavi, Sidari, Aqualand and the capital Corfu Town, you will find you may return to Roda again and again.