Vacation trip to Geneva

Located at the shores of Lake Geneva, Geneva is a picturesque city of Switzerland that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Geneva certainly stands out amongst the most beautiful cities in and around Europe and continues to sparkle in its glory. This cheerful city is also the home of the United Nation’s headquarters as well. Being situated at the foot of the Alps Mountain, Geneva truly attracts visitors from all around the world due to its unmatched scenic beauty and natural diversity. Thus this particular city of Switzerland is a perfect destination for spending your vacations.

Geneva is a perfect holiday destination for you if you are an avid fan of history and culture. The city truly holds a historical and cultural significance amongst all European cities and has a rich history that dates back to the protestant reformations. Not only that; Geneva is also the cultural center of Switzerland as well. The city has a lot to offer to you in terms of entertainment, food, recreational activities and lots of other fun and exciting stuff, which will surely make your vacation a memorable one.


So now you must be wondering, what to do while you are in Geneva. Well, you can certainly begin your trip by visiting the museums and art galleries, which will certainly provide you a glimpse of rich and vibrant history of the city. Also don’t forget to step by the Red Cross and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art as well. However, if you are thinking about spending a quite day devouring the scenic beauty of the city and its surroundings, then taking a cruise at the Lake to visit the waterfront parks would certainly be an ideal option.

That’s not all, you can also go for some window shopping and check out the famous Swiss watches and taste the delicious Swiss chocolates at the fanned market street as well. However, if you are planning on visiting the outskirts of the city, then be rest assured that there will be no shortage of fun and excitement for you as you can go for boating, hiking, skiing, wine tasting and divulge into so many other recreational activities.

As far as staying in the city is concerned, well, there are plenty of fine hotels in the city that can provide you with a comfortable accommodation and serve you excellent quality cuisines. The city is located at such an ideal spot that reaching this place is truly easy. Whether, you go by train car or air, you can certainly access the city from any parts of the world. So if you are planning on spending your vacation, do not forget to include Geneva into your list of ideal holiday destinations