Travel Insurance for Golfers

Adverse situations are sometimes unavoidable, and thus when you are holiday making, travel insurance in general is an important part of your travel planning.

If you are planning on going on a golfing holiday, then it is important that you get advice from your travel agency, or from reliable sources online, since there are peculiarities with golfing holidays not present on regular holiday. Golf travel insurance comes with extras that are essential when going on a golfing holiday.

Online travel insurance

There are many potential unforeseen expenses that can arise when arranging a golfing holiday, such as the costs involved with cancellation of your trip and club hire, or the loss of expensive golf equipment you own. Advice on unforeseen circumstances can be given from your travel agency, and can offer good quotes on insurance.

If you are looking for the cheapest deals however, then you can find excellent cover online, at the best prices. Online cover includes up to £1,500 worth of cover for golf equipment, including club replacement, cover for equipment hire. You are also insured against green fees that the golf course won’t repay, if you are ill or injured.

Online travel insurance can be as cheap as just over £6.50, and the price is certainly not a reflection of the quality of cover you’ll receive. Don’t miss out and regret it!