Tips for those Driving in the UK and Ireland

Should you find yourself driving in the UK or Ireland, you will not be faced with such a daunting challenge as you might expect. The system of driving in these countries are set up for driving on the left hand side so encountering a traffic circle or intersection from the wrong side are pretty slim meaning you should not worry too much about crashes from a blind side.

That is not to say that you should not be cautious when you start driving here however thousands of visitors enjoy driving around the UK and Ireland safely and happily every year. Here some tips for those new to driving in these countries.

If You Have Never Driven Here

There will be some people in the world that can drive but have never been on the roads in the UK before. The best advice for those who fall into this category is not to rush yourself into environments that are potentially dangerous for the inexperienced drivers.

Driving in the UK

Instead take a train to an outside of town destination and from here adjust yourself to driving on the left side on quieter roads where you are less likely to encounter traffic. This will help you build up your confidence before you start building up to motorways and big city centres where the driving is slightly more hectic.

When you go to rent a car in the UK be sure to ask for the type of gears you are most comfortable with. Drivers in the UK are taught to drive with a manual transmission rather than automatic so if you have driven in your home country with automatic make sure you rent a car with a similar system. If you don’t ask for automatic you may get given a stick shift instead and this can take some getting used to.

Things to Watch Out For

In the UK drivers are allowed to do U-turns or a 3 point turn on any road where it can safely be executed. When you are driving watch out for this, especially with taxi drivers who are notorious for holding up four lanes of traffic to make such a manoeuvre. Make sure you rent a car from Auto Europe for the best deals when you get to the UK or Ireland.

There are also cases where you will see drivers who have parked on what seems to be the opposite side of the road facing oncoming traffic. In the UK this is fine and you might often see cars cutting across roads to get to a parking space. Don’t be tempted to copy them if you are not confident with driving on the roads as you could forget about the different sides of traffic and drive into oncoming cars.

Watching your speed is also important for various reasons. Inexperienced drivers should generally stick to the speed limit as they are new to driving in the UK but there are also plenty of speed cameras dotted around which are waiting to catch drivers out and charge with them with fines. Look out for speed limit signs and speed camera signs which are yellow with a black digital camera in the middle.