Parking at Gatwick Airfield

Gatwick Airfield has diverse categories of parking spots depending on the side from where you wish to fly or receive your passenger. It has parking lots in the North terminal and the South terminal and the rates for parking rely on the length of parking and your booking.

Gatwick airport parking can either be acquired by drive-in or thru booking ahead. There’s a great difference in the costs of advance booking and drive-in parking. Many parking corporations are involved in providing Gatwick airfield parking and one can obtain booking from any of these corporations aside from the official web site of the Gatwick parking.

Booking for parking at Gatwick airfield is pretty simple and one just has to log in with the parking company web site and enter one or two details needed by the internet site after which one instantly gets quotes for the parking lots available.

Gatwick airport parking

Now depending on the terminal of the flight one can search for Gatwick parking. The airfield offers parking lots in the North terminal, south terminal and parking for different period of stay. If the stay is for a few hours or a day and the flight is on the North terminal, one can go for short stay at South terminal but if the stay is for a couple of days then one can book parking in the Long stay South terminal. In a similar way the airfield offers the same facilities in the North terminal also.

Aside from private operators, certain parking lots are operated by the Gatwick Airfield. These parking lots are well lit, manned twenty four hours per day and the auto parks are well signposted from all major roads to the Gatwick Airfield. The Gatwick Airfield also offers a summer special parking that’s available throughout the year and is principally for folks who are going for a couple of days and wish to park.

For the residents living around Gatwick and wanting to enjoy an evening out in London, Gatwick Airfield has a special parking known as Evening parking special. One can use this facility any time after 17.00 up to 2.00 in the short stay south terminal parking lot. The advantage of this car park is that it offers a flat 50% off on the standard costs for these hours and one can enjoy a drink or a little mean in the same money.

For residents that live around Gatwick and need parking at Gatwick Airfield on a regular basis, a special commuter parking facility is also available. This parking is close to the south terminal and the tickets for the parking are available on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The prices of the tickets are as follows :

Monthly-£ 234.00
Quarterly- £593.00
Yearly- £1806