Most Popular Florida Beach Bars of 2012

Florida has some of the top beach bars in America, below is a list comprised of some of the best beach bars of Florida, taking into account the amount of live entertainment present at the bar, proximity to the beach and the quality of its food and drink.


Jimmy B’s

Jimmy B’s tops the list of beach bars by many residents of Florida. It’s located at St. Pete’s beach, at the Beachcomber Hotel. It has live entertainment throughout the day and night, seven days a week. It has an indoor and outdoor bar as well as a volleyball court, to add some activity into the mix. Free sunset shooters are available whenever the sun sets. With a breath-taking view, it’s a perfect place to watch the sun disappear into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a laid back place, with a friendly atmosphere.

Shephard’s Beach Resort

A resort in Clearwater Beach, it has a large stage and dance floor that stretches out over the water which hosts some of the best bands in the area, both on stage and in the crowd. Live music is on every day, from early in the afternoon to late at night. It offers the perfect combination of fantastic food from the Margarita Grill and beautiful sunsets to watch whilst sipping on a tropical drink of your choice.

Paradise Bar and Grill

Paradise Bar is placed in the centre of Pensacola Beach at the Paradise Inn Motel. It’s a very welcoming place, where you’ll feel right at home. It has live bands playing seven days a week, with good food on the go and beach tables for you to dine on. It’s a fantastic little find.

Racing’s North Turn

Located in Ponce Inlet, and in the same position as where Daytona’s 500 racing began, where car drivers would hang out when coming to Daytona. It’s both a mini-racing museum along with a beach bar; if you’re a NASCAR fan then it’s the place to be. A place where stock cars used to race against each other in the sand, it has a large bar and stage, with plenty of space for you to dance. There is seating both inside and outside where you can await the live music, which starts every night at 6pm. It’s a great place to soak up some local history.

Bongos Bar and Grille

It’s situated at the Grand Plaza Hotel, offering a toes-in-the-sand bar experience, with the bar located directly on the St. Pete Beach. You have a choice of over 200 tropical drinks, or you can even create your own. It’s a full on beach experience, you can sit outside shaded by palm trees, with a nearby pool for all to enjoy and live bands performing daily.

Harry’s Beach Bar

The oldest beach on St. Pete’s Beach, although it’s a very contemporary bar. It’s well known for its delicious appetizers such as garlic shrimp, and tropical drinks with a full range of all your favourites. It has a cosy fire pit, where you can sit with friends and enjoy the sunset and local bands.