Dispelling the Most Common Cruise Holidays Myths

Over the years numerous myths have developed around the cruise holiday and many people let themselves get held back by such misconceptions. The truth is that a cruise is a fantastic option for anyone considering a holiday. This article dispels some of the top cruise myths, encouraging you to take a cruise in the process!

1. Cruises are for the Elderly

There are many myths surrounding the target age range for a cruise, but the truth is that cruises cater to all people at all ages. While it is true that many older people enjoy cruises for their ease and relaxed pace, such a schedule can be equally enjoyed by younger generations. Additionally, there are so many other facilities on board, from clubbing and cinemas to golf and surfing, that no one, whether a child or adult, will ever find himself at a loss for things to do!

2. You Must Follow a Set Schedule

Itineraries can seem at first glance very controlling, with many people convinced that they must participate in each activity, disembark at every port and eat at a set time. However, this is far from the truth; a cruise is a holiday, not a boot camp! As such, what you do is entirely up to you and, docking times aside, you can run your trip completely around your own schedule.

3. Cruises are Expensive

While this may have been true in the early days of cruise tours, the reality today is much different. With so many companies offering cruises and deals to be had by booking early or at the last minute, a cheap deal can always be found. Additionally, with most meals and activities included on board, a cruise offers UK travellers a chance to experience a holiday that escapes many of the extra costs associated with travelling. You can search the best cruise offers at www.cruise.co.uk.

4. It’s Claustrophobic On Board

‘Cabin fever’ is a term that is often used to describe long periods confined to a small space. It is little surprise then that many fear feeling trapped once on board a cruise. However, cruise boats are such vast spaces, with such an array of shops, restaurants, facilities and people, that they feel more like busy towns than restrictive environments. In addition, with numerous opportunities to explore the various ports en route, a cruise is anything but constrictive.

5. You Will Get Seasick

Even if you are someone who is prone to motion sickness every time you get in a car or on a boat, the chances are that you will find yourself blissfully unaffected by seasickness on board a cruise ship. Cruise ships are so large and equipped with such excellent stabilisers that most people will not even notice that they are at sea. If you do find yourself feeling green, there is always medication available on board to help you out.

6. You Will Lose Touch with the World

While a cruise is a great escape from the realities of everyday life, it is in no way isolating. Especially with the benefits of new technology, every cruise ship today is equipped with business centres offering fax and internet access and telephone services. Additionally, with televisions and newspapers offering up-to-date news, you will find yourself as informed and in contact with the world as you would be at home.

Don’t let all the myths surrounding cruise holidays put you off. The reality is that cruises are an excellent choice for anyone; there is such variety on offer that all passengers will be able to find their perfect vacation on board a ship.