A Guide to New Zealand’s Natural Attractions

New Zealand offers a natural landscape like no other, and if you’re thinking about travelling there for your holiday this year then you’re in for a real treat. New Zealand is very unique in the experience it can provide tourists, and from spectacular national parks to diverse and vibrant cities, you can both relax and push yourself to do something exciting here.

There is also an amazing selection of beaches to choose from in New Zealand too, so there’s no need to worry about fitting in some sun bathing – the weather is glorious most of the year round. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular natural attractions you should visit on your holiday to New Zealand this year.

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Covering over 1 million hectares of land, the Fiords National Park is a beautiful setting of nature, wildlife and blissful relaxation. Located on the South Island, this national park is home to the most photographed and visited peak in the world, Mitre Peak. Furthermore, there’s also the Milford and Doubtful Sound to see, popular tourist attractions and stunning natural creations.


Just the mention of the word springs induces excitement amongst tourists, and these North Island Springs are the most beautiful in all of New Zealand. If you can get past the smell, which usually consists of sulphur, then these natural springs will no doubt make your holiday. Not only is the surrounding area fantastically picturesque, but as soon as you arrive at the springs you’ll find yourself starting to get refreshed. You can even have your own hot scrub on the sands, as the bubbling water rises up through the soil.


One of the best things about New Zealand are the simply beautiful beaches, and if you’re just looking for a sun bathing holiday then you’ll be more than impressed with what you’ve got on offer here. It can be hard to know where to begin as there are so many beaches to choose from, but one that most tourists recommend is the Bay of Islands.

Consisting of over 140 little islands, each with sublime coastline, you’ll be able to share your bay with penguins, dolphins and other marine wildlife. Furthermore, there are also lots of diving companies that will take you out just off the coast and let you see the depths of the ocean and the animals in it! If you’ve got children with you, then snorkelling should also do the trick.

National Parks

There are vast national parks all over New Zealand, and many have been given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. From active volcanoes and rock climbing to mountain biking and hiking, the national parks are a hub for activity, and allow you to see New Zealand up close and personal. Nelson is a great city and is surrounded by national parks, so make sure you visit at least one on your trip this year.